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MINNESOTA TENANTS UNION -- Promoting the Fundamental Right to Housing

Community Shares of Minnesota member Minnesota Tenants Union ("MTU") works to advance community awareness that all persons have a fundamental, inalienable right (not dependent upon economic standing or marketplace purchase power) to safe, decent, stable, and affordable housing; and to promote the implementation of that human right in the housing marketplace as experienced by low-income tenants every day.

Rooted in over 30 years experience advocating with and for low-income tenants in the Twin Cities, the Minnesota Tenants Union emphasizes community education and coalition-building with serious allies locally, regionally, nationally and internationally working for fundamental social change.

The primary root cause of the social issues MTU challenges is the severe imbalance of power between tenants and those who control the quantity and quality of housing which tenents experience. That imbalance is created and maintained by such factors as lack of useful education, inadequate forums for redress, restricted access to redress, and lack of collective vision of the reality of an alternative to the status quo. The work MTU does in specific organizing situations with and for tenants combats this imbalance of power by expanding the knowledge base regarding the basis for redress, the many forms of redress, the means of fashioning new forums for redress, thereby helping emerge a collective vision and strategies for changing the status quo.

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