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This poetical picture story is by Mike Hazard. It is part of a project called Peace House People that will be exhibited at Franklin Library in April, 2020 funded by an Artist Initiative grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. The Alley is now featuring a regular column to ensure that we hear the voices of a community that is seldom offered space to tell their story. It came about after we engaged our local Native American community to document their work with the Wall of Forgotten Natives homeless tent encampment that sprang up two summers ago starkly highlighted homelessness in our community. We realized that we were missing the voice of those most impacted.

Stories are shared at Peace House,
the living room of Franklin Avenue.
People speak and we, the people listen.
Near the end of a meditation,
Soynavong Sivo Ravong witnessed
murders, violence, and the hell
that has been happening and will.
Then he ended, I still like tomorrow.
Born in Laos, he fought the Vietnam War.
It’s the war we must remember is
also known as the American War.
I stole a canoe to get out of Thailand.
I came to the United States in 1980.
I work with fiberglass in Lakeville.
I still like tomorrow.

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