Center for Hmong Arts & Talent (CHAT) Impact Story 2020



Our summer music program usually accepts middle school to high schoolers but one year an 8 year old wrote such an amazing hand written letter pleading to be accepted that none of the instructors could say no to her. Her will to learn music and guitar was relentless. She wasn’t charismatic or a star but a quiet determined little girl who knew our program would probably be her only chance to learn music and guitar – and be in a safe nurturing environment. Seeing how shy she was I realized how much it took for her to write that letter to us – she realized our program was the only opportunity she would have to learn music and guitar and be in a safe nurturing environment with other Hmong kids. We saw a shy quiet little 8 year old blossom to someone who would perform in front of 100 people and beam a smile that drew tears from her parents. Something magical happened over the course of 10 weeks.

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