COMPAS Impact Story

JJ’s the kind of kid who can slip through the cracks. He quietly finishes his worksheets, but hasn’t had the confidence to believe in his own ideas. This had been holding him back.

Even though over 70% of students qualify for free-or-reduced-price lunch, thanks to donors, JJ’s teacher and COMPAS connected to bring a stop-motion animation residency into his classroom.

Working with the COMPAS Teaching Artist, students turned social studies lessons into something amazing. They planned storyboards, drew backgrounds, wrote dialog, created puppets, and then used technology to capture and edit original movies.

The teacher’s report? The students loved it! FIVE STARS!

JJ was drawn to this new way to communicate. “At first it seemed hard, but then, with my group, it was easy,” he told us. “You can make your own characters, and they can do… whatever.”

Telling a story by combining artistry, technology, and team work captured JJ’s imagination. His ignited imagination motivated him to keep trying until he was excited about what he created.

Through creative experiences, JJ built confidence in his abilities. His teacher reports his new confidence continued to show up in his learning throughout the year and JJ made great progress because of it.

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