Echoes of Peace Choir Impact Story

From our member group Echoes of Peace:

The Echoes of Peace “Art of Ubuntu” project engaged different modes of art to express ubuntu– “I am because we are” –a concept of community and inter-relatedness from South Africa. This project brought a rich and multi-layered experience to participants and audiences.

The “song” part of the project bridged community by bringing adults and youth who might not otherwise have an opportunity to sing in a choir. Kako’s Choir, an after school program children’s choir, was part of the collective chorus. Members from the broader community joined who were not otherwise involved in a choir.

The “dance” part of the project brought an arts learning experience to adults and youth who might not otherwise have been provided with such an opportunity. These activities involved Kako’s Choir and youth and adults from the Family Freedom School. The EOP dance instructor’s work with Family Freedom

School dovetailed with the school’s aims “to strengthen families through educational opportunities designed by community members to address institutional racism, privilege, and social isolation.”

The “poetry” part of the project brought a writing experience to Kako’s Choir and to women residents at the St. Louis County jail. The “visual art” project impacted students at ten local schools.

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