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Community Shares of Minnesota will be closing in early 2022. We will be accepting donations through March 1st, 2022. Your donation will go directly to supporting our smallest member organizations.

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Double Your Gift with an Employer Matching Gift

Many generous employers encourage charitable contributions by matching your gift dollar for dollar. Companies such as General Mills, Land O’Lakes, Medtronic, Xcel Energy and many others participate in matching gifts programs and make a positive impact in our community. Check with your company to find out if they offer this great opportunity!

Meets standards

The purpose of the Accountability Standards is to strengthen nonprofits’ commitment to accountable practices and provide meaningful information to the donating public in order to advance more informed philanthropy. The Accountability Standards were developed by a diverse group of donors, nonprofit leaders, grantmakers, academics and community representatives.

The Accountability Standards represent a balance of contemporary regulatory requirements and sound practices for nonprofits, and therefore serve to modernize the reasonable expectations that donors have of nonprofits they wish to support. Addressing four distinct areas of accountability: Public Disclosure, Governance, Financial Activity and Fundraising, the Standards represent a measurable, specific indicator of a broader philosophy statement accompanying each standard. These Standards, approved by the Charities Review Council’s Board of Directors on October 8, 2009, are at the heart of the Accountability Wizard, used to conduct charity reviews.