National Federation for the Blind Minnesota Impact Story

From our member National Federation for the Blind Minnesota:

Hennepin County informed a blind mother that someone had filed a complaint stating that she could not properly take care of her children (a one-year-old and a three-year-old) because she is blind. The county sent a social worker to investigate and possibly remove the children to foster care.

NFB served as an advocate for the mother and worked with the social worker to show how a blind mother cares for children using alternative techniques. The county social worker concluded that the techniques were just as safe and effective as those used by sighted mothers, and the mother kept her children. One of the greatest problems faced by blind parents is the common misconception that a blind person cannot possibly do anything as difficult as taking care of a child. Educating social workers and others to the reality that blind people can and do raise children just as successfully as sighted people is an ongoing struggle.

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