Our Impact

What you do today alters the future forever.

Do give to food shelves. It’s critical and necessary. But consider this — what if we could create a community where food shelves were less necessary?

This is the work we do at Community Shares — funding the organizations working at the  root of the problems rather than just treating the symptoms. These groups are changing the assumptions that some issues won’t ever go away. With your help, we are ending poverty, reducing violence, building affordable housing, providing health care, fighting discrimination, winning peace and meeting urgent needs.And while we changed our name from Community Solutions Fund, we’re still focused on community solutions — linking and strengthening ideas that bubble up from the very places where the issues exist.To do this work well, we need the support of people like you — and even a few dollars every few weeks makes a significant difference.  Bottom line, if you share our passion for making permanent, positive changes, there is no better place to change the future.

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