What Your Money Does

See What Your Money Can Do Through a Workplace Giving Campaign

Based on 26 pay periods per year, here are just a few examples of the impact you can have within the community around us:

$3 per pay period:

  • Upstream Arts: provides a scholarship to one child with disabilities to participate in one of their community or after school programs
  • Animal Humane Society: provides healthy and nutritious baby bottle kits to abandoned kittens for up to six months


$5 per pay period:

  • YouthCARE: funds an in-depth employment skills workshop for eight low-income youth
  • In Progress: pays for 20 hours use of high quality production tools (video and photo cameras, and computers) for young artists who cannot afford their own equipment to develop their talents


$10 per pay period:

  • Friends for a Nonviolent World: funds a sponsorship for one young person to attend a week at People Camp which is organized to support youth developing their potential as nonviolent leaders and activists
  • Inquilinxs Unidxs por Justicia: pays the costs of two tenant’s defense trial in evictions court


$20 per pay period:

  • Planned Parenthood: Pays for four women to get cancer screenings and take preventative action to protect their health
  • National Federation of the Blind: provides a week of immersion training in non-visual techniques by funding a blind person’s attendance at a nationwide advocacy and education conference for blind people


$50 per pay period:

  • Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women: funds the printing of the entire annual Femicide Report which documents domestic violence homicides in Minnesota and is given to every state legislator to educate and encourage impactful legislation
  • Reclaim!: fully funds a day-long gender competency training to a group of teachers and school-based resource personnel at a local school, giving them the skills and training they need to better serve and support students of all backgrounds and orientations