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For the past 30 years, Violence Free Minnesota has been gathering information on domestic violence homicides that happen in Minnesota. In October 2019, we released the “Intimate Partner Homicide Report: A 30 Year Retrospective” which provided information on the 685 people killed in Minnesota due to relationship abuse. The report included specific recommendations for policy makers and for all people who live and work across Minnesota.

No one else gathers data on domestic violence homicides in the state. Violence Free Minnesota has taken up this task in part to keep the memory of the victims of intimate partner homicide alive. But we also do this work so that we can learn from these deaths, identify patterns of behavior, and to fashion policy recommendations that can improve the prevention and intervention efforts in this state. For example, we know that approximately 50% of all domestic violence homicides are committed with guns. But we do not know how perpetrators are accessing firearms. We recommend that legislators lift the prohibition on the MN Dept of Health to gather firearms data in order to gain the information needed to fashion gun policies that will be targeted and effective.


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