Women Against Military Madness (W.A.M.M.) Impact Story

The Volunteer Match program connected WAMM a newcomer, Fiona Roedl, who had recently left her job and was searching for something helpful to do for some organization. WAMM needed a person to do basic data entry work for a few hours each week. This relatively straightforward relationship quickly grew more complex. Fiona learned that WAMM ideals and goals matched her own. Fiona became an active WAMM member. When staff members aren’t available, Fiona is equipped to cover the office on her own. She joins in planning and orchestrating WAMM events. Fiona handles set-up and coordinates volunteers to do bulk mailings. She prepares the necessary paperwork for fundraisers and decorates for parties. Fiona does cleanup! Without each other, WAMM and Fiona wouldn’t be as active, as impactful, or as joyful.

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